EJCT Prague 2022 winners: Team Henderson and Team Maeda

Scottish Team Henderson won EJCT Prague for the second time in a row. Team Maeda from Japan won the boys’ competition. Czechs finished second and third respectively.

This was a 7th edition of this event, which is the only EJCT event in the Czech Republic. Dozen girls’ teams and dozen boys’ teams played this year. Team Vasakova (Polarni lisky) finished second. Team Hanak (Ledoborci NG) won the boys’ bronze.

Team Hanak (Ledoborci NG) and Team Farkova (Dion XX) who finished 4th were selected to be Czech National teams for World Junior ‘B’ Championship (December 2022).

Final standings and other info can be found here: curling.cz/en/ejct2022


06.October, 2022 od Martin Bukovský